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Two Oaks Design LA, started in 2023, is our apparel shop that specializes in up-cycling vintage and secondhand clothing by hand painting, printing and sewing patches on them. Our vision ranges from art nouveau inspired works to whimsical, patchwork pieces that make you feel like you are wearing a piece of art. 

Two Oaks Cover Photo.jpg

As of now, we have collaborated brands such as Choose, an exclusive marketplace that hosts over 40,000 monthly users, Everpress, a sustainable merchandising company, and various independent shops around Los Angeles. After launching our Etsy in May of 2024, we've sold over 350 unique handmade pieces to all around the world and are in the process of launching our manufactured pieces. 

From designing t-shirts to selling our own pieces, Two Oaks Design LA is our space where we are able to create and share our own personal work.

Check us out on Instagram (@twooaksdesignla)!

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